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South Korea Fun Facts

south korea fun facts
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South Korea, a vibrant nation steeped in tradition and propelled by innovation, is an intriguing blend of ancient customs and cutting-edge technology. From its unique age counting system to the proliferation of K-Pop and a deep-seated love for shopping, fun facts about South Korea are as diverse as they are fascinating.

1. South Korea’s Unique Age Calculation: Growing Old Faster

In South Korea, the concept of age is quite different from the Western world. As per their traditional system, a newborn is considered to be one year old, as the first year of life is included in their age.

Moreover, instead of individual birthdays, every Korean turns a year older on the Lunar New Year known as Seollal. This unique practice can add one or two years to a person’s age, depending on their birth month. So, brace yourself for a sudden age leap when you step onto Korean soil!

2. A Nation of Selfie Enthusiasts: Say ‘Kimchi’ Instead of ‘Cheese’

South Koreans have a penchant for photography, particularly selfies. However, when posing for a camera, they say ‘Kimchi’ instead of ‘Cheese’. Kimchi is a classic Korean dish made from fermented vegetables and spices, and its mention brings a smile to their faces, making it perfect for photographs.

3. Bizarre Museums: Poopoo Land and Haewoojae Museum

South Korea is home to some unconventional museums that will leave you amused and curious. Poopoo Land is one such place that celebrates everything related to poop, even hosting ‘poo parties’. If that isn’t quirky enough, there’s the Haewoojae Museum, a toilet-shaped house once owned by a former mayor.

His fascination with toilets led him to transform his abode into an unusual museum that you can visit for free.

4. An Ingrained Love for Clean Shaven Looks

In South Korea, facial hair is generally frowned upon. Many view a beard or mustache as a sign of poor hygiene and a lack of concern for appearance. So, gentlemen, if you’re visiting South Korea, you might want to keep that razor handy!

5. K-Pop and K-Drama Phenomenon

South Korea’s entertainment industry has taken the world by storm, thanks to the global success of K-Pop music and K-Dramas. Boyband BTS, with their millions of fans worldwide, holds the title of the most popular group globally.

Moreover, the Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’ and the film ‘Parasite’ have garnered international acclaim, demonstrating the growing influence of Korean entertainment.

6. Peculiar Question: ‘Did You Eat Rice?’

When South Koreans meet someone, they often ask, ‘Did you eat rice?’ rather than the usual ‘How are you?’. This unique greeting reflects their concern for the other person’s well-being, showcasing their warm and caring nature.

7. World’s Fastest Internet Speed

South Korea boasts the world’s fastest average internet speed, making it a haven for tech enthusiasts. The nation’s high-speed, free Wi-Fi networks are accessible in most public areas, contributing to the impressive statistic that 93% of the population uses the internet.

8. The Red Pen Taboo

The people of South Korea consider using red ink, especially when writing someone’s name, a bad omen. It’s believed that using red ink signifies death. So, if you’re signing documents or penning down names, it’s advisable to steer clear of red ink to avoid causing any distress.

9. Unending Shopping Sprees

South Korean’s love for shopping is well-known, with most department stores operating until 4 AM. Plus, the country is home to the world’s largest department store, the Shinsegae Centumcity in Busan, which houses everything from spas to golf driving ranges. So, shopaholics, South Korea is your paradise!

10. The Blood Type Belief

In South Korea, your blood type is considered a significant determinant of your personality traits. This belief often influences decisions about romantic partners and is a common topic of conversation when meeting someone new.

11. The Matching Couples Trend

One of the most endearing sight in South Korea is matching couples. It’s common to see couples dressed in identical outfits, right down to their socks. This trend is a testament to their commitment and a unique way to express their love.

12. South Korea’s Love for Education

This country places immense importance on education, with Seoul being home to several top-ranked universities. The nation’s dedication to learning is reflected in the fact that South Koreans dedicate an impressive 55 hours per week to work, equating to approximately 2,316 hours a year.

These fun facts reveal unique culture, traditions, and quirks of South Korea, from its age calculation system to matching couple outfits, making it a captivating place to explore, study, or work. So, dive into the ‘Land of Morning Calm’ and let its charm enchant you!

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