5 Tips for Roadtripping Solo

5 Tips for Roadtripping Solo
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You’re ready to head out on your next adventure, and this time it’ll be just you and the open road. You’re understandably excited and eager to get going, but you should spend at least a little time planning ahead so you don’t encounter nasty surprises along the way. Start with these five tips for roadtripping solo.

Have Your Car Inspected

Your first step is to make sure your car is ready to go. Have it inspected by a certified mechanic to guarantee that all systems are functioning well. Your mechanic may also give you helpful advice about how to keep your car running smoothly during your trip. If your car isn’t up to the journey, consider a rental or even invest in another vehicle, like a rugged new Jeep for sale.

Since you’re running solo, it wouldn’t hurt to research towing companies and repair shops along your route just in case you run into trouble. Alternatively, you could subscribe to a roadside service plan through your insurance company or another organization so that you can be assured of help if you need it.

Make a Plan

Next, make a plan for your trip. You don’t have to set a hard and fast itinerary, but it may help to work out some of the details for your journey. Think about how long you want to travel each day, for instance. That way you can book motel rooms ahead of time so that you don’t end up lacking a place to stay.

You might also jot down a list of places you want to visit and sights you want to see. You can certainly be flexible, but you don’t want to miss anything important either.


When you’ve made your plan, communicate with a friend or family member. When you’re traveling alone, it never hurts to have someone else know where you’re going and approximately when you’ll be there.

If you want, you can let people know that you’ll be on the road and that you would appreciate a little distance so that you can thoroughly enjoy your trip. This might prevent you from being inundated with calls, texts, and emails.

Pack What You Need

Before you set out on your trip, pack what you need. Assemble an emergency kit that contains first aid supplies, car necessities, food, and other helpful items like an extra jacket and blankets. You’ll also want to remember your medications, if any, your phone and tablet chargers, and a selection of music, audiobooks, and/or podcasts for entertainment along the way.

Record Your Experiences

Also, come up with a way to record your experiences. You might keep a travel journal either in written form or through a voice or video recording. Take plenty of pictures, too, and treat yourself to a couple souvenirs to help you remember your trip.

Have the Best Trip Ever

This solo road trip could be your best trip ever. But be sure to plan carefully so that you can have a smooth experience and a wonderful time with minimal stress and maximum enjoyment.

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