How to Activate Mint Mobile – Activation Tutorial & Common Problems

Mint Mobile
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Many people have been requesting information on how to activate Mint Mobile. Therefore, the focus of this article will be on starting the provider’s service. Welcome to Mint Mobile now that you’ve officially signed up.

As is common knowledge, Mint Mobile uses the T-Mobile network to provide coverage to its customers. Mint Mobile range is identical to those of prepaid customers on T-Mobile. However, it differs for T-Mobile Postpaid customers.

How is Mint Different than T-Mobile?

This is different because T-Mobile Postpaid customers may access the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. Especially where T-Mobile doesn’t have a network tower. Mint Mobile customers are not roaming ready on the network, same applies to those on the T-Mobile.

The T-Mobile native network is a constricting factor for Mint customers. These are the primary distinctions between Mint Mobile and T-Mobile Postpaid subscribers’ coverage map and their subscribers.

Consequently, determining where this provider’s coverage area is available will be crucial if you want to switch to their service. Read this Mint Mobile review for more information on their coverage.

You need to do a few steps to activate Mint Mobile before it can work and run on your preferred device. There is no need to worry because these steps are simple. On average, you can also plan to finish the procedure in less than 15 minutes.

Though it can sometimes get tricky. However if you carefully follow the instructions we provided below, you can activate this service provider without encountering any difficulties or errors.

Steps for Activating Mint Mobile

  1. As soon as you have bought your Mint Sim card, you should first insert the Sim card right into your preferred device.
  2. After that, use your computer to access the website page for activation. As an alternative, you can still choose to download the unique Mint app, which can still assist you with the required activation. A further benefit of the Mint application is that, provided your phone is compatible with the Mint Mobile network, you may use the service network to check the network coverage in your location.
  3. The 11-digit activation code must be typed in afterward. The code is on the back of the sim card. Staying at your current number or switching to a new one is an option. Choose whichever one you prefer. There is no long process involved in changing numbers. The change will be completed in a matter of a few minutes.
  4. Then, your complete billing information must be entered in the next step for you to obtain the package you’ve previously selected.
  5. After completing all these steps, your device’s APN has to be configured. Besides, depending on your preferred device, the Android device configuration procedure differs from the iPhone device configuration procedure. Therefore, looking for each method online is a crucial thing to set up your APN effectively on your device.
  6. Before using the Mint Mobile network, you must restart your phone.
  7. The last step is officially canceling your old carrier service by contacting them. But before you proceed, take your time and thoroughly test the quality of the Mint service on your device, particularly the data speed, before you switch off to the old service provider.

Activation Summary

You can use all the beautiful services it offers once Mint activation is complete. High-quality calls, fast streaming, no-delay SMS, etc… The activation procedure may be a little challenging if it’s your first time, but patience is a virtue if you want to do it correctly.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my mint mobile active?

  • Find the 11-digit of ACT CODE at the back of your SIM card to make Mint Mobile work. Look in the upper right corner.
  • To finish the activation of its service, follow the instructions on the screen.


  • You may download the Mint Mobile apps on the marketplace (available on Android and iOS). With the app you can verify whether your phone is compatible automatically. It also checks the coverage of the area.
  • Enter the 11-digit code located on the back of the Sim card.

Note: Keep your 1-digit activation code safe. Hold on to it at least until your service is has become active.

How long must I wait for my Mint Mobile to become completely activated?

No more than 8 hours will pass. However, it takes around 24 hours to finish if you want to transfer your phone number. Despite the fact, some users claim they finished their number porting within 8 hours.

What might be the cause of my Mint Mobile not working?

Switch off your phone and wait for 10 to 20 seconds before turning it back on if you have problems with text messages, data connections, or local or international conversations.

These solutions usually makes the issue go away. However, if you keep getting the same problem again and again, it’s time to reach out to Mint Mobile’s hotline at 800-683-7392. You also can chat with them via

Does Mint Mobile impose any additional fees?

No matter your plan of choice, Mint Mobile does not impose any additional fees. You can read every charge they make because it is all black and white.

Does the full-service network package represent good value?

As we all know, Mint Mobile offers the most affordable data plans. Compared to other service providers, the total cost is consistent despite different possibilities in coverage and data speed. Overall, Mint Mobile brings several advantages. For example, you won’t have to worry about any data overages or running out of data.

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