Sig Sauer Factory Parts For Sale

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Whether you want to purchase a new gun or repair your existing one, you must understand the difference between factory and aftermarket Sig Sauer parts. Knowing which ones are the best will give you a better idea of what you need.

Custom end plates

Some companies manufacture Sig Sauer P320 Custom end plates. These parts are designed to make the pistol run faster and add aesthetics. They may include lightning cuts, unique serrations, or lighter springs. They can also help reduce the pistol’s weight. Some manufacturers also manufacture pinky extensions. These are great for use in nighttime and low-light conditions.

Some companies manufacture the P320 fire control unit. It contains the sear, slide rails, trigger, and serial number. This unit is also available for 9mm pistols.


Whether you have a Sig Sauer P365 or are just starting to get your hands on the 9mm pistol of choice, you have noticed a few Sig Sauer factory parts for sale. The first is the Sig Sauer P365 slide, a black-coated steel slide designed to fit your 9mm pistol. It has serrated grooves for an easy grip and is best used as a replacement part or as an immediate upgrade to your current slide.

The next is the Align Tactical Takedown Lever, which is made in the USA and is compatible with all Sig Sauer P320 pistols. It features a black oxide finish and a hardened S7 tool steel construction and is USPSA-approved. Its main feature is its ability to withstand the wear and tear of high-speed reloads while still offering a secure takedown.

Slide serrations

Sig Sauer factory parts for sale include the Strike Slide for the SIG SAUER P365, designed with Strike Industries stylings in mind. The Strike Slide for the SIG SAUER (r) P365 features significant port relief cuts, a lightweight structure, and improved airflow. It also has a removable cover plate with a built-in rear sight, making it a worthy addition to your custom build. In addition, it includes all necessary screws and posts and is pre-cut to accommodate a Shield Standard or Docter/Noblex footprint. Compared to other slides on the market, the Strike Slide for the SIG SAUER p365 is a worthy investment.

On the other hand, the Agent-19 GLOCK (r) 19 Compatible Custom Slide is a cinch to install, has standard sight cuts, and is made of heat treated 17-4 stainless steel. It is also compatible with Glock Gen 1-3 pistols and has cool-looking heavy-duty serrations.

Lightning cuts

Sig Sauer’s P365 is a 9mm double-stack pistol. Its features include a hammerless trigger, a polished bore, and conventional rifling. The X-Five model also boasts a ported barrel, allowing gas to escape and reduce muzzle flip. It is also an aesthetically pleasing weapon. If you want to buy or upgrade a P365, you can do so at Omaha Outdoors. They have a wide range of Sig Sauer parts, from the more basic to the abundant, including the best Sig Sauer P365 stock replacements.

The top-of-the-line Sig Sauer P365 is costly, but if you are patient enough to shop around, you can find the best deal for your hard-earned bucks. In addition, if you are looking to replace the dated stock on your X-Five, you can do so confidently, as Sig Sauer has a warranty and service program. The company’s customer service department can also answer any questions.

Compatibility with commercially produced Sig Sauer firearms and Sig-type weapons

Sig Sauer is a leading manufacturer of handguns and rifles. They offer a wide variety of gun accessories. They also manufacture Sig Sauer ammunition and SRD22 silencers.

SIG Sauer has a global network of branches, which allows them to respond to rapid advances in gunsmithing and technology. Their network comprises components in the U.S., Germany, and Switzerland. This network enables them to react to changes in gun laws and quickly supply customers with their products.

SIG Sauer is also known for its unique line of state-compliant weapons. Their rifles and pistols are designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies and the military. They are also known for their ingenuity and quality.

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