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Common Reasons Why Land Surveys Are Performed

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Buying a piece of land is one of the best investments a person can make. If you’re looking for a piece of land to purchase, you need to realize that not all parcels are created equal. Rushing to buy a piece of land before thoroughly inspecting it can be disastrous.

Working with a DC land surveyor is a great way to get a true assessment of a potential land purchase. There are a number of reasons to work with a land surveyor, which we will cover below.

Establishing Boundary Lines

There are over 1.9 billion acres of land in the United States. The parcels of land in the United States are separated by boundaries. If you’ve recently acquired a piece of land or just want to find out more about a parcel you already own, establishing boundaries is crucial.

With the help of an experienced land surveyor, you can accurately identify the boundaries of your land. Establishing these boundaries is important if you want to make improvements to your property. Having defined boundaries will allow you to figure out where fences can be erected.

Identify Underground Cables and Drains

It is pretty easy to spot the above-ground wires that are on your property. However, when it comes to gas, water and electric lines that are buried, you will have a hard time identifying them. Knowing where these elements are can help to keep you and your construction crews safe during a project.

A land surveyor will have the tools and documentation needed to identify underground utilities. In most cases, the land surveyor will mark these underground cables and pipes with colored flags. Each flag color will represent a different type of utility.

As a land owner, you need to find out more about your parcel. The best way to accomplish this is by working with an experienced land surveyor.

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