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What we do….

FactMint is a suite of tools for dealing with facts; not text or documents, hard facts.

Most of us are used to search engines. We’ve been trained to think of our queries in terms of the keywords which might be contained in the answer. At FactMint we think that’s the wrong approach, particularly for researchers who differentiate themselves by being insightful and asking probing questions.

FactMint is different. FactMint lets you ask the actual question you want the answer to – through a simple and intuitive user interface – and just get the answer. Maybe it’s analysis of a sporting match, way beyond what other journalists can provide. Maybe it’s revealing statistics about the effects a head teacher has had on her previous schools, which can make your education supplement an essential read for parents. Whatever the answer you’re looking for, having it quickly and reliably can make the difference between a good piece and a great one.

So stop working with data and get on with being a journalist.