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Victims of the first past the post system

At the time of writing there are still 14 constituencies not declared but the result is looking clear. Here’s a quick comparison of seats won vs votes cast.

Seats won Votes gained
Conservative 50.39 36.77
Labour 35.91 30.61
Scottish National Party 8.82 4.85
Liberal Democrat 1.26 7.75
Democratic Unionist Party 1.26 0.61
Sinn Fein 0.63 0.59
Plaid Cymru 0.47 0.61
Social Democratic & Labour Party 0.47 0.33
Ulster Unionist Party 0.31 0.38
UKIP 0.16 12.58
Green Party 0.16 3.75

In general, the bigger parties all did well out of first-past-the-post. The SNP – only operating in Scotland – did very well, with less than 5% of the national votes and nearly twice that in proportion of seats. UKIP fared worst; here’s a comparison between them and the SNP:

Seats won Votes gained
Scottish National Party 8.82 4.85
UKIP 0.16 12.58

As you can see, way more votes for UKIP across the whole country but a tiny representation in the Commons.