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FactMint Engine

At the core of the FactMint stack is the FactMint Engine.

FactMint Engine is a RDF database and search engine. It can be used to store facts as RDF triples, indexes RDF resources and manages ontologies.



Every function of the FactMint Engine can be accessed via a fully RESTful Web services interface. The endpoints include:

  • SPARQL query
  • JSON query
  • Full text search of RDF resources
  • POSTing of new facts and resources
  • Creation and management of triple-stores including backup functionality
Put your query to the Web

One of the original goals of the Semantic Web was to unify disperate datastores across the Web. Unfortunately, that aspect of the Semantic Web has been slow to mature. FactMint Engine builds dynamic graphs around the context of your search, sucking in facts from FreeBase, DBPedia or any other RDF datastore on the Web. So, when you perform a FactMint Engine query – with no programming, integration or knowledge of RDF – you areĀ interrogatingĀ all the knowledge of the Web.