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FactMint Data Packs

No knowledge-base technology is of any use without some knowledge to manage. So, as well as the technology backbone, FactMint offers a number of Data Packs to get domain specific knowledge into your system and keep it up to date. Data Packs cover topics such as Football and Schools. They include facts about the domain … Continued

FactMint Engine

At the core of the FactMint stack is the FactMint Engine. FactMint Engine is a RDF database and search engine. It can be used to store facts as RDF triples, indexes RDF resources and manages ontologies. Features RESTful API Every function of the FactMint Engine can be accessed via a fully RESTful Web services interface. … Continued

What we do….

A little about what Factmint do and how our Semantic Web-based technologies can help you or your company get the most out of your data.

The Semantic Web

Read our post introducing the Semantic Web and the concepts that make it work.